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Why Does Intercourse Hurt?

July 25, 2011
Nearly every couple hopes for leading a good sex life. However, there are several health conditions that will make it difficult for couples to enjoy their sexual desires at the the best possible level. The most common amongst these disorders is experiencing pain and discomfort throughout penetration while having sexual intercourse. Unaware of the condition, almost all couples keep asking questions such as “Why is it hurting during intercourse?”, “Why can’t we have a wholesome sexual life?” “Just how do I get rid of pain experienced during sexual intercourse?” and so on.

As outlined by a written report released on sex lives of Americans by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, approximately one-third of women say that they have pain during intercourse. Should you be also one of those particular females who suffers from pain during penetration then you definitely should find out the exact cause why intercourse hurts.

Causes of suffering from intercourse pain

One of the leading factors behind encountering painful intercourse is Dyspareunia – the medical term pertaining to painful sexual intercourse. It’s a condition wherein a female suffers from recurrent or continuous pain and discomfort before, following or during sex eventually leading her to personal distress.

Another reason for encountering vagina pain is Vulvodynia, also referred to as chronic vulvar pain. It’s a disorder which can be classified as pain around the vaginal opening (vulva). The pain experienced by a female affected by Vulvodynia is such that she can not think of having sex for many months or even for many years. Because of the lack of noticeable signs as well as the unwillingness of many females to discuss their disorder, Vulvodynia continues to be highly unreported.

Vaginismus is often one more reason why women encounter pain during sex. It refers to a condition in which a female is completely not able to have any type of vaginal penetration. It primarily happens due to the response triggered in the pubococcygeus or PC muscles. Exactly like when our own eyes close by themselves whenever they see a harmful item getting close to them, in Vagnismus, the PC muscles involuntary shut down the vagina. In Vagnismus, there is an unconscious control over muscle spasms that ‘close-up’ the opening of the vagina making it hard to have sex. This causes pain to the female throughout sex.

Besides these, there are numerous other issues which unfortunately turn your dream of having pleasurable sex right into a nightmare. These particular difficulties primarily consist of problems such as herpes infections which in turn cause blisters in the vagina, yeast infections such as bacterial vaginosis that causes irritation of the vaginal tissue leading to pain and discomfort while having sex along with other various skin-related ailments.

Generally, there are several problems that result in painful intercourse. Though there are some psychological causes responsible for painful intercourse, they don’t exceed the medical causes. Nearly all intercourse issues arise because of medical causes. So, for anyone who is unable to experience a healthy sex life then its advisable that you simply seek help in order to assist you to overcome this traumatic disorder.

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